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ALL rooms have wireless internet access.

Room 3 has a king-size bed.
Rooms 1, 2, 5, 7 & 8 have queen-size beds.
Rooms 4 & 6 have full-size beds.

ALL rooms have private bathrooms with wall-mounted hairdryers.

Rooms 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 have cable TV.

1. Alma Mary & Robert Spence's Room (QUEEN)    $139.00

2. William Woldert's Room (QUEEN)    $129.00

3. Elizabeth Spence's Room (KING)    $139.00

4. Richard McLeroy's Room (FULL)    $109.00

5. Robert Spence, Jr.'s Room (QUEEN)    $129.00

6. Sunroom (FULL)    $109.00

7. Rockway Carriage House (QUEEN)    $159.00

8. Mockingbird Cottage (QUEEN)    $159.00

Extended Stay Lodging Information

Full-size bed in Sunroom Antique vanity in Sunroom

Dubbed this name by Alma Mary Woldert-Spence, this room (14' x 11') was her writing room where she wrote her poetry during the time she lived in the house. A sunny room with all the windows covered with white lace, it features an antique full-size bed of ornately carved oak with burlwood overlay and an antique vanity, topped with a pair of Aladdin lamps.

The Sunroom is located upstairs in the southwest corner of the house, and is decorated in blues, rose, burgundy and white, and features the original heart-of-pine floors. The private bath has a step-in shower and a wall-mounted hairdryer. The room also features cable TV and wireless internet access.

The Sunroom is adjacent to the front balcony, which is available to all guests, but does not have a private entrance to the balcony.



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